NANG: – something that’s cool.
The word originated in East London. It’s street slang for NANG is “Cool, wicked, good”.

NangTv is a multi award winning video production company specialising in high end music videos. We also shoot creative corporate adverts and film events. please send us an email if you would like us to shoot your next project.

NangTV began as a YouTube channel dedicated to showcasing local talent founded by then rapper/video editer Igniter. Director Dego Visionz took over the company in 2016 to develop the brand. NANGTV has gone on to become an award winning video production/media channel. NangTV’s work has been shown on BBC, MTV Base, B.E.T 106&Park, Channel 4 music and the Disney Channel.

We are now an official broadcaster of music and entertainment who are dedicated to continue to support and showcase new music no matter what the genre. If it’s Nang it’s in! The team consists of award winning video directors, bloggers and entrepreneurs. A brand which is now recognised for creativity and innovation.

NangTv’s work rate over the years have been epic and it is only natural to expand the brand by creating its own channel.

Welcome to NANGTV.

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